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Bad service, can't cancel contract

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I've have bill pay Three internet since 21/03/18.. In the store they checked the 4G coverage in our street and said that it's okay. I connected everything the first day and spent all day looking for signal in the apartment. Second day I went to the store  and tried to return everything back but they told me to call customer service on 1913 and that the upgrade of network on 4G is in process. I got home, called the number and they told me only to reset the router and to move it near the window.. Tried everything, still didn't work. At night I have 0,5mbs of speed and in the morning I have only 1-1,5mbs of speed. I even bought an antena with 28dbi strenght and still nothing is happening. On whatever cell_ID I connect everytime it shows that I'm on the edge of coverage. I explained in the store that I need internet for work and studying and they told me that I won't have any problems and now I've been calling for days  and everytime I get a different story, in the store they are not allowing to cancel the contract and now I have to pay every month 30 euro for internet I don't have....


Re: Bad service, can't cancel contract


Hi @doris_v, can you PM us your broadband number, name, full address (including EIR code if possible) and DOB? I'll get this checked out for you. 

Re: Bad service, can't cancel contract

I share the same situation. 


And therefore I wish to cancel my contract. I've had a few hours of chat support with you, and the problem was never fixed.


When I checked the coverage for my area I was told it would be great, as there is 4G, I specifically asked about download/upload speeds as I work with image and video processing, and need at least 10mbps to do my work, and I was granted it would work fine. In the best of days, I had get 8-9mbps, in a Saturday early morning, other than that, the best I can get is 2-3mbps, which is dreadful.


I feel deceived, and asked for counselling with a solicitor, that told me that based on all the claims regarding this situation, without solving the problem, I should be granted contract cancellation. 


I'm also a Three client with two pre-pay mobile numbers, and I gladly pay my top ups, but I fear if you enforce me to stay as a broadband user, I'll end up cancelling all the services.


Hope to hear from you soon.




Re: Bad service, can't cancel contract


Hi Ricardo, I'll be happy to take a look into this for you. Can you PM us your broadband number, full address and DOB? 

Re: Bad service, can't cancel contract


CELL_ID: 467462

RSRQ: -16dB

RSRP: -100dBm

SINR: -7dB

PLMN: 27205


These are the details from my modem and reset of the modem won't fix them. With every call they ask just to reset the modem and I'm trying to explain these results but they don't know what they mean at all. 

Is there anyone capable to explain what to do to improve the results because what you're saying is nonsense and after bachelor's degree in telecommunications and 5 years of experience I'm still listening to this nonsense. And they still think reseting of the modem will fix everything

Re: Bad service, can't cancel contract

3 Community Manager

@doris_v thanks for getting in touch with us here. To be honest, I can't explain to you exactly what all of those results mean, in depth, but I can see that the signal level you've given there is not very strong and the mast you were connected to at that time is the mast that's farthest away from you. What I've done, is checked your service and I can see that you're connecting to several masts in the area as well. I have your exact address so I'm going to check this further and I'll come back to you here.

Re: Bad service, can't cancel contract

3 Community Manager

I've sent you a PM, Doris so we can check your service fully I just need you to confirm the details when you get a chance. Thanks'


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