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Re: B311s-220 external aerial suggestions

There are B311 on bit not did you buy it from three. This is forum
I am not a Three employee. I'm just a little helper Smiley Happy

Re: B311s-220 external aerial suggestions

3 Moderator

Hi All 👋 @Topcatovy as @Mac_n_cheese suggested, did you buy this from perhaps as we do not sell this model router so I don't have any ariel suggestions I'm afraid. Susan 

Re: B311s-220 external aerial suggestions

Ah oh dear

Apologies I seem to have not realised the relevance of the .ie

For the life of me I can't seem to find the UK equivalent of a forum.

I ended up buying the b525

Hopefully that works out and has the two external aerial connections

Thanks for the replies

Re: B311s-220 external aerial suggestions

B525 has two antennas for sure. Best of luck with it.

Re: B311s-220 external aerial suggestions



I got this, the difference was amazing, put a lashing kit on the Chimney and put the antenna up a 10 foot pole.


Went from 2-5 bars and the speed difference was amazing. 


3G-4G modems can be considered radios, radios are only as good as their antennas. Most people wouldn't make do with an indoor antenna for their TV well 4G is no different.


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