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B311s-220 Router keeps dropping internet


Hi, I signed up for the 3 home broadband 3 months ago with the Huawei B311s-220 router. The first month of this there were no problems at all. However, since then I have my internet drop on all devices at the same time. The router still has full signal bars and wi-fi is displaying on the router, all devices are still connected, just the internet drops and then comes back 10 seconds later. This happens constantly throughout the day, roughly every 20 minutes or so. I work from home so having this happen during skype calls is most irritating. 


I have called the 3 tech team 4 times with this problem. The 4th time the agent sent a new router out assuming that it was a fault router, however, as soon as I plugged in the new kept happening so the problem is most likely not with the hardware.


I don't want to call again as the experience is fairly painful when you have to run through the initial steps debugging.


I have tested many different scenarios to figure out if there is an interference including having no devices connected to the router and the problem still occurs. I live in an area where there are 3 cell towers within a couple of hundred meters from the house. 


Also for some strange reason when I connect to any google services on any of my devices it takes ages to load, in fact my emails on all my devices do not even work, I have to turn the wi-fi off and use my regular 3 sim on data roaming to get emails. I thought DNS might be an issue but apparently you cannot change to a common DNS on the router.


I noticed this thread which has extremely similar symptoms to myself with their fix being a new SIM card. 


Could I get a new one sent out please?

Re: B311s-220 Router keeps dropping internet

The router you mentioned was never on sale with 3 Ireland. Contact 3 UK. Mods here are for 3 IRL customers. Different to 3 UK. @Xpipe
I am not a Three employee. I'm just a little helper Smiley Happy

Re: B311s-220 Router keeps dropping internet

Ah oops thanks !

Re: B311s-220 Router keeps dropping internet

Hi I am having the exact same problem. Was fine for 3 months now disconnecting, having trouble loading gmail, playstore, certain services which work ok through phone 4g. It's getting worse. Did you find a solution?

Re: B311s-220 Router keeps dropping internet

Try another router

Re: B311s-220 Router keeps dropping internet

3 Community Manager

@Thebartman Hi there, sometimes the router can be the cause of slow connections and as @billbond4 advised trying another router would help discover if that's the case. I'm also wondering about your router, is it a B311? We don't supply these at Three Ireland. Let me know. 


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