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€49 Charge for 1 Day - Out of Allowance on Billpay!!


Shocked to see a charge for out of allowance usage, including 1 day at €49. How can this happen? When your allowance is finished, that should be it. No more service. If my car runs out of fuel, it won't run again until I put more diesel in the tank. 


I know my allowance is limited. I made an interim payment and bought an Add-on but there was no warning messages telling me that I was using out of bundle allowance. Please help me understand why this happens? If service can be halted automatically when a customer is out of credit, it can surely be halted automatically before a huge bill is incurred? This is very wrong. 


Mon 26 Feb Mobile Internet 1,741.9648 Included 0.000

Tue 27 Feb Mobile Internet 3,381.5281 Part 4.530

Wed 28 Feb Mobile Internet 2,411.0254 Included 0.000

Thu 01 Mar Mobile Internet 914.3923 Included 0.000

Fri 02 Mar Mobile Internet 2,490.5067 Part 49.640

Tue 06 Mar Mobile Internet 166.6584 Excluded 8.330

Total (data) 110,116.1086 ¤62.500


Thank you,

Re: €49 Charge for 1 Day - Out of Allowance on Billpay!!

@jaikhanThere's a credit limit on all accounts as far as I'm aware so if your allowance is exceeded and you continue to use the service then your charged up to that credit limit. My3 is where I keep an eye on my GBs but I changed to unlimited so I don't really need to keep an eye on it anymore. The only thing you can do really is to keep watch to move to a higher allowance which works out cheaper in the long run.

I am not a Three employee. I'm just a little helper Smiley Happy

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