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Re: 3 throttling 4g speeds


"you're using old modem and ayce data which is a phone sim I believe.."


How you define old modem and ayce data? Can you specify?

Why this happened suddenly from one day to another..? a drammatic drop of speed from 6-7 mbs (even if years ago was around 11-13mbs) to 0,5 mbs.. which doesn't allow any possible internet use.. my area is in city center and high up on a hill.. that's why I always, I guess, had great connection..

After chatting 7 times with Three customer service and running test I just heard : " there is no problem in your area".. once a guy told me a mast was partially down.

I switched for 3g and for 2 days looked like I had almost solved the issue (yet only 3 mbs, but at least enough to navigate), but after that constantly 0,5 mbs.. no matter which network or trick I use.. down down down..with few picks of 2-3mbs, but very rarely and short time.

Also when you talk about "traffic" you man the many people connected at the same time with three? Why then even at 12, 1 am I had very bad connection..?

And if so, why Three don't enpower their infrastructure to hold and serve the increase customers number? Basically to give the service they pay for?


Re: 3 throttling 4g speeds

@Luke5 you mentioned all you can eat and that is only availble on phone sims not broadband. What Im saying s there is a fair usage policy governing All you can eat on the phone sims so your usage doesn't impact those around you using and paying for broadband. Speculation but that's a possibility. older modem isnt going to work as well as a newer mode especially if they've upgraded in your area. 

I am not a Three employee. I'm just a little helper Smiley Happy

Re: 3 throttling 4g speeds

3 Community Manager

@Luke5 Hi there Luke, we've gotten back to your PM, and I'll keep an eye out for your reply. I've checked the Eircode you've given us and there are no ongoing works at the moment @Mac_n_cheese has a point, so I'd like to check out your SIM and the modem you have too. Can you let me know by PM? 

Re: 3 throttling 4g speeds



Sorry you still didn't answer:

what you mean for old modem? What are you talking about? define old? I'm using just a phone so which kind of modem are you talking..?And what define it old? What should be the minimum requirement of a new modem to get a real 4g and therefore a 20mbs not 0,4..? Talking about smarthpones..


My phone contract with all you can eat data never mention that "all you can eat" is "all that 3 want you to eat" .. where is in the contract the "fair usage policy" part..? I'm not saying that be illegal is always unfair but in this case it is.. paiyng for no service..

Also if there is any limit it should be clearly state in the contract otherwise it is misleading advertisement or worst a fraud.

You can't sell a car and say it is fully electric and then.. after salling it you mention the customer that it need oil after certain km of use..

Is it 2 weeks of 0,4 mbs speed fair...?

Re: 3 throttling 4g speeds


Deborah, what you mean by modem..?

I'm using a smartphone..

I raised twice this issue before and as you just told me Three answered that there were no problems from their Tech point of view..

And yet I get useless speed connection and keep paying my bill as direct debit.. nice service


Re: 3 throttling 4g speeds

@Luke5 you mentioned a modem in your first post so forgive me for thinking you were using a modem. So basically you're hotspotting or is this solely mobile data that you're having bother with? Three have a limit on BB 750 gb and that is stated on the contract because I'm on it. Fair usage governs all mobile operators, they all use it so there's nothing unfair or illegal about that. If there have been tests then you'll know how much data you're using but by your post you're saying you aren't getting use but if you weren't then you shouldn't have to continue the contract. In saying that, the fact that you are still in contract points to you having used quite a bit of data. I find your posts towards me a bit unfair as I only posted to see if I could help and find out what exactly you're using.
I am not a Three employee. I'm just a little helper Smiley Happy

Re: 3 throttling 4g speeds


toally agree with you I already went to eir to ask about their limits of speed, and unlimited data usage.. so I will buy an extra sim to test this month if eir behave like three or not. I was for 5 years a faithfull customer, never had data limit problem, navigating and srteaming as much as I wanted, I suggested many friends and turn them into 3 customers cause of it.. now with no possibility to use at the 4g a very slow 3g, with few picks of ok speed (3-4mps) it arrived the moment to change provider and give my money for an actual service rather than no service..

I think anyway the problem is not only apply to me, many friends or co-worker of mine with three are having same issues.. different areas of Dublin..

You as Broadband have a limit of 750gb? Might you know what's the limit of "fair use" in terms of gb for Three mobile network instead..? cause is not stated in the contract.. but maight you know..? And after reaching that point do they slow down your connectivity for how long..?


Re: 3 throttling 4g speeds

@Luke5 as far as I know from what I've seen they don't restrict speed unless your usage impacts other 3 customers in the area. Because AYCE data is designed to be used on your phone and no as a hotspot they have to have rules governing it to alleviate the congestion that could be caused if everyone was hotspotting which I reckon people are doing all the time. 60gb has been thrown around in terms of the amount but I know people.using the phone as a modem (hotspotting) and have used in excess of 150 gb so I'm not sure.
I am not a Three employee. I'm just a little helper Smiley Happy

Re: 3 throttling 4g speeds




I was told today after three looked at my average lowest download speeds and that I was above the minimum of 1.1mbs download speed, therefore i was receiving an acceptable level of service. Apparently this fig is in the contract.   I suffer same as everyone with it dropping to this between 4pm and sometime later.   

Is it correct that three are able to  adjust the throttling or download speed too specific broadband numbers?   Can it be improved?


Any thoughts Three?


Re: 3 throttling 4g speeds


Thanks for the answer , yes I understand the rules to avoid congestion of bandwidth, but I think the company has to declare what is actually AYCE, and state clearly that after a certain amount of download (let's say 60bg) the connection speed will be so slow that would result useless.. Surely would be better and more fair if speed would be gradually reduced like from 4g to 3g and after even to 2g if necessary.. to avoid a complete cut off the service and to warn the customer about the data limit, even if apparently unlimited, that is actually exceeded in that moment, for the high volume of simultaneous connections..

Yet I see 4g is a problem in many areas and for many customers (friends or people that I know).. most of them are now forced to 3g connections in order to get a decent speed..and they are not hotspotting cause they got broadband internet at home..

Myself just can't get 4g anymore, cause would give 0,3-0,4 if it didn't exist  a mast realising that speed protocol anymore..the more the customers the more the investment the company should make.. and now eir is giving very appealing offers,lots of coverage and if the service will be faster and more reliable than there will be no point to keep being with Three , after so many years..



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