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Re: 3 throttling 4g speeds

I have been using g my 4G router for months with no issue. 45Mb by day and around 20 Mb by night. I would agree the 20Mb drop was congestion. Over the past 2 weeks im dropping over 40Mb by night. I would not agree that is is down to congestion.

Re: 3 throttling 4g speeds

I'm on three broadband rolling monthly cobteact, I am getting 25-30 mb in mornings and by day. However in evenings I am getting speeds below 2mb. I am in a rural area so very much doubt it is congestion.... If the drop in speed does not stop I will have to just end the monthly contract. It's a joke.

Re: 3 throttling 4g speeds

Still could be due to more people using it in the evenings. Change to 3g in the eves and see if your speed gets better. What about turning off the modem and on again, I've seen that helps some people on here that leave it on all the time?

Re: 3 throttling 4g speeds

@BrianDunne still seeing speed drop? Down by 40 goes you 5 yeah? I get about that on my mobile and use it to run Netflix and laptop, works okay for me but depends on what you use it for.

Re: 3 throttling 4g speeds

Sorry I mean down by 40 gives you 5

Re: 3 throttling 4g speeds

Hi Michael,

To be honest its after gettinmg worse. I got 0.06 last night. I use it for
work and to be honest its not fit for purpose. Luckly I'm on a 30 day
rolling contract I'm going to give my 30 day notice today and I'm going to
join up with Eir. They provide a 250GB package and network is a lot more

Re: 3 throttling 4g speeds

@BrianDunne Eir's customer service or lack thereof leaves a lot to be desired. Did you try changing the settings by open the dashboard of your Huawei? 3G works for me when 4G starts to get a bit laggy. You can move to 4G then during the day if that's working for ya. 

I am not a Three employee. I'm just a little helper Smiley Happy

Re: 3 throttling 4g speeds


This is the EXACT same thing happening to me over the past few weeks. This evening I had no internet at all for about 2 hours between 7.30 pm and 9.30pm.

I called technical support last week and they said they would investigate it  - speeds dropping from around 12/15 mpbs daytime to between 0.5 and 2 in the evening , usually starting at around 7pm. I never heard anything back from them.

Using the online chat is a total waste of time, they tell you everything looks great and to power off the router.

convinced its some kind of general issue as my phone is also on Three and speedtest shows the same problems.


Is it throttling or congestion @Three? because its one or the other!

Re: 3 throttling 4g speeds

3 Community Manager

Hi Daz1, thanks for reaching out to us and welcome to the community. There can be many different factors affecting your signal, and I'd like the opportunity to look into this for you. Can you PM me your full name, number, address and date of birth? I'll have a look at the previous investigation and check your account too 👍 Deb

Re: 3 throttling 4g speeds

I have exactly the same issue. I have been using three mobile broadband fo about a year. In the past 6 months I am getting 20MB downstream during the day but at 5pm every evening and throughout the weekend my speed always drops to between 2Mbps and 0.5Mbps.


At around 1am the speed increases.


I have spoken with three and they give the same message that it is congestion and even suggested I switch to 3G, which apart from it being a ridiculous suggestion does not improve my speed in anyway.


As this is happening at exactly the same time the probability of this being down to congestion is very low as congestion would be different on different days or times, not consistent every day and at weekends.


When I first signed up the speed was good all the time. My suspicion is that 3 have oversold their 4G moblie broadband and all you can eat data so are throttling back the speed when they suspect traffic will be heaviest so that people don't lose connection completely, as if they do they may claim that three are in breach of contract in providing the service.


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