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Re: 3 throttling 4g speeds


Tesco Mobile uses Three as the carrier. Somehow I doubt both your neighbor (sic) and you.




Re: 3 throttling 4g speeds

Hahaha yeah I reckon someone is telling porkies
I am not a Three employee. I'm just a little helper Smiley Happy

Re: 3 throttling 4g speeds

[ Edited ]

So after making a test with another provider SIMCARD eir, I noticed a giant difference between 3 and eir in connection speed. Ok my building (Dublin city center, 'Kings inns' Park area) is 3-4 months that became terrible with connection.. before I was absolutely fine even with 3..

The funny thing is that for the month of September I used 2 sims, to check if Three lie to us.. The use of my three connection was very limited.. and yet get the throttling speed to 0,40 mbs with very frequent interruptions of connections when I was changing SIM back to Three.. Impossible to use.. is basically a NO service.

Anyway I'm just waiting December to switch to eir cause I need to buy another SIM for my family.. I'm not happy to do that,

But listening this ridiculous customer service that every time they "see no issues" after making a thecnical check.. if for them no connection = no issues

well, goodbye



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