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Re: 3 throttling 4g speeds

Did you try the previous suggestion to see if it helps? It's wired on 5ghz wireless on 2.4ghz.
I am not a Three employee. I'm just a little helper Smiley Happy

Re: 3 throttling 4g speeds

@Jock_Scobbins sounds like it down to the number of people or the amount of GB being used by others. I know how annoying it can be, believe me as it happened to me a few times but I changed my APN and stick to 3g after 7pm which works for me. I also moved my router all over the place to get the best spot. How much data are you actually using do you know? I dunno, it's the limits of mobile broadband really like if you want to high speeds all the time then fibre  is the product you should have not mobile. 

Re: 3 throttling 4g speeds

Thanks for the suggestion. I tried 3G in the evening and it's no better and sometimes even worse. 


As to fibre - I wish! I'm around 10Km from the nearest exchange and the phone guys said I would be lucky to even get a dial tone, never mind broadband. Ah well...


Re: 3 throttling 4g speeds

@Jock_Scobbins try the APN change like I did 3ireland if I remember correctly.

Re: 3 throttling 4g speeds

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3 Community Manager

@Jock_Scobbins, Hi there, if you've tried all that's mentioned above you can drop me a PM with your exact address, phone number full name and date of birth and I'll check the area. I also check the mast you are connecting to. I'll come back to you here. Thanks'

Re: 3 throttling 4g speeds

Dear Kevin and Vince,

You're barking up the wrong tree. I have been through three separate bouts with Three Ireland's customer service over issues very similar to yours that I have been experiencing (in Dublin) over the past 6 months. Despite the regularity with which the network speeds drop, and that I went out and mapped the speeds in my neighborhood (at different periods and on different days) in order to document to Three that their network is not performing (for whatever reason) to 4g (heck even 3g) standards. In those six months, the DL speeds have averaged at 800Kbps, with peaks of 6-7 Mbps.

But alas, all I was met with was insinuations that I was using my smartphone wrong, or that my connection to the network was set up incorrectly, and poor excuses of peak traffic hours (despite the infuriatingly low speeds persisted and not only in the evenings).

The simple fact of the matter is that Three does not have a sufficient infrastructure or bandwidth available to support 4g to their customer base. And their customer service is either incapable or just downright unwilling to follow up on a complaint - beyond asking for you birthday, address, and whether you have tried turning your phone/router off and on again.

I would recommend you switch to a different service provider all together. They might well not be as cheap as Three, but at least you can uphold an expectation of recieving the service/product that you pay them to deliver.

Re: 3 throttling 4g speeds

@seduamin the customer care here is pretty top notch from my experience and from what I've read on other posts. I'd recommend 3 alone for the support here. I have found that the steps being suggested helped me. There isn't a huge pile that can be done when there are a lot of people using their broadband at the same time because that'll slow everything down. But maybe try the steps and see if it works for you.
I am not a Three employee. I'm just a little helper Smiley Happy

Re: 3 throttling 4g speeds


Dublin 7 here,

It is at least 1 month my connection is dropped drammatically to 0.5-0.8 mbs. Not even 5 years ago with a 3g connection I had such terrible speed.. for me the "all you can eat data" with the power of an old 56k modem doesn't make sense.. I already started to look into other broadband..

I had a terrible feedback from the three shop in Henry street.. the man just told me to change the phone.. not even mentioning the three offers..

Chat 6-7 times with the operators that are actually very polite but tell you the same thing without really resolving enithing (is not their fault).

I think when you get more customer, and so more mobile data traffic, you must invest in infrastructures, you must provide what customers pay you for.. a decent service.. but it is not happening.

My flatmate (I told her to join three a year ago) has same problem.. as so other friends with three.

At this point reading so many other people having same issue I don't belive anymore is the area or the mast issues in Dublin 7.. oe my phone... I think is just b.....t

I think untill customers keep staying with three, nothing will happen.. and I'm sorry cause I was a good 5-6 years with them.. and I didn't mind some issues connection here and there.. but now is too much.. can't even open a bloody webpage..

Re: 3 throttling 4g speeds

Traffic could be the problem but you're using old modem and ayce data which is a phone sim I believe. Basically it could be any of those issues but it is likely traffic. If it's only a recent thing though would you send a pm to mods with full address and they'll check it out.
I am not a Three employee. I'm just a little helper Smiley Happy

Re: 3 throttling 4g speeds

3 Community Manager

@Luke5 Happy to have your area checked out to rule out a possible issue with your local mast or to see if there's been maintenance/upgrade work nearby. If you'd like this, send me a pm as @Mac_n_cheese mentioned.


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