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very bad service for 3

I have been with 3 for years. Both phone and broadband. I was paying €16.49 for 15 Gb for my broadband .Last month I up graded 2 a all you can eat data with my phone so hardly needed my broadband. Out of nowhere I get a bill for my broadband telling me it's €60.66. Way over what I normal pay . So I ring up and explain my case and am very harshly told there's noting they can do and Will not reverse the charges.Then they say I went over my allowance by 1 Gb .Thats wat the extra €45 was for. I asked to speck to the manager who furthermore says no noting can change. Even though am a valid customer who has never missed a payment he said he was prepared to lose me. So I decided to cancel . The Irish girl in the cancellation department tried giving me 1 month free if I didn't leave I said is that the best u got after trying to rob me .She said yes .I said am finished with yous. Then she offers me 2 months free n goes back on herself. I got really mad at this point and Said am not here to haggle .Yous obviously don't think much of your long time customers and where all only numbers to yous . 3have let me down very badly and I would stay well clear of there broadband after this. Furthermore I must pay for my last month as you must give 1 month notice of cancellation.

Cheers 3

Re: very bad service for 3

Hi @Anonymous, sorry to hear that you went over your allowance and had a bad experience. If you use up your allowance on the broadband you're charged 5.08c per MB, so it can build up quickly. I recommend keeping an eye on My3 to monitor your usage:


You can check out the Price Guide for more info here:

Re: very bad service for 3

I recommend tellings your customers wen they are close to there limit instead of tryin to catch people out. I had budgeted myself €20 for WiFi every month on my bank account. I went way over that and missed out on other payments because of it. So now my credit rating will be affected.

Re: very bad service for 3

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Hi @Anonymous 


You would have received an SMS to the device in question upon reaching its usage limit. You should check your usage limit before and after each surf.. You can do this by visiting and logging in to view your account. You can also just check for the SMS by going to on your device and entering the password which is admin - Just for future reference.


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