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overcharge on bill pay data usage


Been with My3 for 7years on monthly package now costing €24.99 for 15G of data. The problem is this month the bill is €99.01.

We have never came near to using the allocated allowance, previous bills prove this.

I phoned 1913 and spoke to the adviser, he looked at the bill and said that we have used 4,541,367 Mbytes in one day. There is no phone and only my wife and I have access to the computer. According to the bill, the extra data was used on the 1st of August and the new allowance started on the 2nd of August.

He said that he can't check the how this data was used because of the data protection act.

I know we havn't used this amount, is there any way of finding out how this data was used.

The bill came out of the bank and made me overdrawn, I went to the bank and they have held the payment up until I can get to the bottom of this. Any advice would be very much appreciated




Re: overcharge on bill pay data usage

Hi @Anonymous

Unfortunately there isn't much that can be done in this situation. Because the account went over the usage and it shows it had gone over the usage then as the agent said due to data protection they can't see the sites visited.

May it be possible you left it connected to the net to run in the background?

Re: overcharge on bill pay data usage


Because of the date and size, I'm thinking could this be the Windows 10 upgrade. If you signed up to reserve a copy, it downloads in the background without you even being aware of it.

Re: overcharge on bill pay data usage

Hi higgs, that is true I'm afraid, and from what I've heard the upgrade in the background is about 3GBs which can push some people over their limit.

Re: overcharge on bill pay data usage

That could be it. My Vodafone landline broadband upgraded it over night mate and its a big download

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