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Re: outgoing email/smtpme I

Im no longer a three customer..thank god for Vodafone 😆

Re: outgoing email/smtp

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I have just reported three to comreg, for bad service and constant lies.

Three all know it is a problem with their SMTP, yet they tell you to ring tech support.

After 30 mins waiting you give up.

Com Reg number 01-8049668. thankfully they answer the phone and are very nice.

Takes 5 mins. report the lies.............................

Re: outgoing email/smtp


I've just upgraded my PC from Windows 7 to Windows 10 and now I can't connect to the outgoing SMTP server. It worked fine before.  Now I'm getting a message saying "Can't connect to outgoing email server using the specified encryption method" . I use a '3' broadband router to connect to the web from my PC.

My settings are as follows:

Server name:

Port: 25

Encryption: none


Are these correct?

Re: outgoing email/smtp

Think encryption should be off for outgoing mail. On the 3 phone network, SSL is set to off for outgoing but On for incoming mail.
The mail server address and port number are fine though.

Re: outgoing email/smtp


Hi @hpcoyle, you can check out the email server addresses here:

Re: outgoing email/smtp

Yeah but hpcoyle was having issues with threes outgoing server, not any of the ones listed in the link.

Re: outgoing email/smtp

@hpcoyle If you can change the server to 3internet and try sending a test mail.

Re: outgoing email/smtp

Just to jump in here, this same issue was posted over on the Microsoft forum here -


Another member posted a workaround there, can you see if that works for you? The outgoing server for Three is


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