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Over the last approx three weeks I can no longer send emails from a data connection on my phone.


I have tried to send emails through the Three SMTP server and also through an SMTP auth service that I use and have not been able to send emails.


I know the problem doesn't lie with my phone as I can send emails through my broadband ISPs SMTP server when I'm on WiFi without problems.


Have Three changed something?




Re: outgoing email/smtp

Hi..have the same problem myself. .can't get an answer from anyone and don't want to delete the email account and start again as I lose everything..HELP PLEASE

Re: outgoing email/smtp


Its very irritating.. my phone is effectively useless when I'm out of the office if I can't even send a simple email!


I've tried to ring Three a few times over the last few days but just end up on hold for ages before giving up!

Re: outgoing email/smtp

I'm having same problem and 3 web chat couldn't fix problem suggested ring tech support left on hold too long so gave up

Re: outgoing email/smtp

Got on to web chat on thurs last and they said they're having issues with email it was a technical issue and could I wait a while ....when I asked if a while was hours or days they said they couldn't say....feel like im being fobbed off coz the three rep who contacted me on this forum haven't come up with anything yet..they just say they are dealing with it.....I small a rat....

Re: outgoing email/smtp

3 Staff

Just to let you know we're still working on this but if you could PM your account details we'd like to make some changes on this end to test. 

Re: outgoing email/smtp

I am no longer a three customer as this took too long too long to resolve.

Re: outgoing email/smtp


Re: outgoing email/smtp


I'm sorry to hear this @Maryw. If you change your mind or need anything else be sure to let me know.


Re: outgoing email/smtpme I

New Member

The last time I could send an Email, piggybacking Three is 13 feb 17.

I have read the blogs that they did not renew their Smtp Licience.

The replys and service I have received are lies and b/s.

I am leaving them after writing a letter to cover me in court.

You can leave free at the moment because they have changed their T&C.

I am sick of their service.

Bannna republic............................


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