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Wrong Bill - extra charges


I've lost count of the number of posts and the lack of solution


A month ago I was given a replacement SIM on my mobile broadband. This caused an extra Eur39 (Eur 49 incl VAT) to be added to extra charges.


I complained but was told I had to wait until the bill was issued to correct.


I waited and the extra charges were on my bill. I complained to the forum and to the webchat. Everyone assured the problem was a mistake from Three. They would correct. But the problem persists.


I am now due to pay EUR 118 instead of Eur 69.


In the latest webchat I am told I must pay the full Eur 118 and wait for refund in April. This is not a solution. 


Why should I advance Three "Euro 49" for a mistake on their side?


At this point I no longer need a private message. I need Three to fix there problem. I shouldn't have to spend hours on the forum or webchat reporting the issue on their side and have to pay for the mistake and wait until April for the money to be refunded. 


Can someone please solve this with a proper solution?   

Re: Wrong Bill - extra charges


Hi Fintan,


I can see we're currently in PM with you, I'll get back to your last message as soon as possible. 


Re: Wrong Bill - extra charges

I am writing in relation to my current three phone bill of 125.20 euro in which payment is due by the 31st July 2018.
My service was cut off on the 13th June at 12:24pm as I received a text message from yourselves.
I have spoken with many representatives of your company, I was told as already known to myself, I am not in a contract with three, the payment cannot rise each month if I am not using the service as I am not in a contract. I also spoke initially the first day with a representative & he specifically told me this was not a contract. Im sure three has all phone calls recorded if you decide to go back to the phone call.
I have been a loyal customer to the three network for years and have been constantly harassed for the last couple of weeks by receiving phone calls two to three times a day from your company, and I have explained on many occasions that I have no problem paying the original 54.73 euro as this cost was incurred when using my mobile. 
There is an additional 70.47 euro on the account in which I was not using the service. This is unacceptable.
Under no circumstances will I pay the additional 70.47 as the service was not being used, I am extremely frustrated as to how your company has handled this situation.
I have said numerous times to your representatives that I will pay the 54.73 and have my service reinstated as I understand I do owe that amount but not the additional 70.47 euro.
Also according to my bill history, it is meant to be 30.00 euro per month as agreed (Calls, texts & all you can eat data), I have been charged 35.89 and 34.58. Can you please explain the extras costs of 5.89 and 4.58 especially when I wasn't even using the service?
I really hope that this can be sorted ASAP as I will have to move network if this continues, as said many times above, I can pay the 54.73 straight away but under no circumstances will I pay the additional 70.47 as the service was not being used as the company cut off my service.
Also regarding the terms & conditions of bill pay with your service, it states that all bill pay price plans are subjected to a minimum term contract, I was not informed of this when I initially agreed to the package of 30.00 euro a month and I did ask the representative this and he stated that it was not a contract and I could leave the network at anytime. The three company is in breach if this is a contract as the representative specifically told me that I was not in contract. I can also have this phone call checked.
This is absolutely unacceptable, I have spoke with many other customers of three who also have this problem. 

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