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Why did my 3G connection suddenly go?

Hi, This morning, when I looked at my phone (iPhone 5s) I noticed that I wasn't getting any 3G coverage, only gprs, so I restarted my phone, thinking that that would solve it, but it didn't, I done this a couple more times with no further success. I then reset my network settings, but that also made no difference. Then I tried to manually select my carrier, but the option 3(3G) did not show up, only 3.Does anyone have any idea why this has happened, or how to fix it, because last night, I was getting 2-4 bars of 3G coverage, any help is appreciated.

Re: Why did my 3G connection suddenly go?

Hi Dylans12, we wouldn't be completely sure what caused this until I check this on your account.

Is it still happening or has it reconnected to 3G now? It may have been a temporary error with the mast or the device.

If the issue is persisting or you find it happening again please PM me your details I can have the technical team look into it for you? Thanks

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