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Very slow speeds and no solution


One month ago I already reported this. Peak speeds of 0.5 - 0.8 MP per sec. Off peak up to 30MB per sec.


Last night I compared the speed of my mobile phone with my B315 router.


Mobile phone 5-6 MB per sec

Router 0.6 MB per


Support have send me new SIMs. Apparently looked at my router. But no solution.


This is my last chance. Either they try to fix the issue or I leave after 15 months. I've paid Eur 1000 + for premium service. Outside peak times it works ok. Peak time on the router is a JOKE.



Re: Very slow speeds and no solution

Hi Fintan, we've got back to your PM 👍 

Re: Very slow speeds and no solution


I've been having the same issues with my B315 router for quite some time, daytime speeds very good 20+Mbps, evening drops to 1-2Mbps, I'm in Dublin 6. This is obviously deliberate speed throttling but Three won't come out and say it directly. Forget about watching Netflix etc in anything but SD.


I'm getting the new B525 router with the 750GB plan, we'll see if speeds improve but I'm not holding my breath.


Re: Very slow speeds and no solution


Finally I have a solution. Thanks to a very good suggestion from Three.


I changed the settings to 3G. This has immediate impact. My speeds went from 0.2 MBps to 7 MB ps IMMEDIATELY.


I've been looking for a solution for over one month now. Finally I see the light. I will continue to monitor. But my strong advice to Three is to make people aware that if you're not yet in a 4g area you modem should be set to 3G. For myself I seen a massive degration of service since September. This is simply because the 4G modem automatically looked for a 4G signal.

Re: Very slow speeds and no solution


Hi @Fintan_23, thanks for the feedback 👍 I'll certainly pass this on for you. 


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