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Upgrade v New Customer

I have been 3 customer since the network began, all my family are on three.. my wife is die an upgrade
I don’t understand why an upgrade is the same price same deal as a new customer ? Where’s the incentive to stay with 3 when other networks are offering better phones, better offers, better packages than 3

How do 3 reward loyal customers? Or rather why don’t they?

Re: Upgrade v New Customer


Hi Markbbeattie


I'm sorry you feel that we're not rewarding loyal customers such as yourself. The offers we give go by the plan you're agreeing to so sometimes, the price of the phone you get on our upgrade may be a similar amount to a new customer's phone as we may not be able to subsidise the cost of the phone any further.


However, I'd really like to check out your account to see what kind of offers are available for you. If you'd like me to check it out, can you PM me with your number, full name, address, DOB and the phone you're interested in?




Re: Upgrade v New Customer

Hi Lisa it’s for my wife not myself but I can send on her details! Thank you!

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