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Unable to buy add on

The webpage to buy add ons has been down for weeks now... Previously I was able to purchase an add on over the phone, but for the last two days the option has been taken away, and I get forwarded to customer care where Im on hold forever. Can someone please add my top up, I had to add money on to my phone bill to get data to use this forum, as this part of the site is unavailable to those who are out of credit. Very disappointed with three services. I'm looking for a 10 euro add on please.

Re: Unable to buy add on


Hi there,

If you private message (via the link in my signature) over the below info, A Three Rep can look into this for you.

Three Mobile number:



Date of birth:

Link to your thread or post:


Re: Unable to buy add on

Unable to send PM because it is telling me there is an invalid HTML, and that it has now been removed, and to proceed with sending the message, but I keep getting the same message back

Re: Unable to buy add on

That is strange, can you try clicking this direct link and let me know if you get the same error?

Re: Unable to buy add on

I sent a message without the link, maybe you could paste the link with the details to be forwarded on.

Re: Unable to buy add on

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Hi Sarah,


You can ignore adding the link because Sheena knows the post is here. The link is only needed when Sheena wouldn't have saw this thread. In regards to your DM, the link to send DM to staff is below, not on my profile.


Here is the link to send it to.

Re: Unable to buy add on

Got your PM here, thanks @Anonymous! I'll get back to you in a moment Smiley Happy


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