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Travelling to Florida,

hi lovely people,
We are travelling to the usa next month with unlocked three phones (HTC UPlay and HTC desire) we know we can't use our three accounts for much over there but we will need to use them occasionally, I have a few questions, 1) which network does three become in Florida? 2) is 3g and 4g data available on our accounts while over there? Has anyone got experience on which network to use while there? Research says atnt or tmobile.

Re: Travelling to Florida,


Hi Shaun7283, that sounds amazing! I would recommend connecting to AT&T while you are over there. You can check out the roaming rates for the USA here: Have a great trip!


Re: Travelling to Florida,

Thanks Kelly. Will we get 4g coverage overthrew?

Re: Travelling to Florida,

4G wouldn't be available while roaming, we can't guarantee the service while you're outside of Ireland. Here's some more info to help you while roaming -


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