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Suspended account

Hi I have a 20gb monthly broadband contract with 3 that I only use when working from home, I have been doing this for 3 years, today my connection stopped rang 3 and lady said mast was down, however my phone broadband was working fine so I went online and queried this and the guy saiyi had exceeded my Max of 20 gb I don't understand this as I never had this issue before and doing the exact same hours as always, means now I have to drive to office for work and arrange childcare to pick up children, seriously thinking about quitting 3 altogether

Re: Suspended account

3 Community Manager

Hi Gemma 👏  I'm sorry to hear this and I apologise for the confusion. Data isn't measured in time. Perhaps you are using the same amount of hours but the size of the amount of data being used is bigger. The amount of GBs can be connected to the quality too, for example, aa SD movie can be in the region of 1.5GB whereas a HD movie can be 7.5GB. ( SD- standard definition, HD- high definition) I hope this helps and welcome to the Community. Deb

Re: Suspended account

Yes spoke with very nice guy in Ireland who explained everything and we think maybe it was an update or something like that as it's only used for working at home and I never reached the max before he also said it didn't impact my bill so I am thankful for that so thank u for your response

Re: Suspended account


Glad to help Gemma 😊 I recommend signing up for My3 and downloading the app to your phone. You'll be able to see your remaining allowance at any point 👍 Conor


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