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Stop Yourself Making Calls


Hi -

I'm on an "unlimited" pay monthly account, but I always seem to accidental make calls to numbers that aren't included in the "unlimited" package.


Does anyone know of an app that warns or blocks you when making outbound calls?


(Below is a list of those types of numbers)


Many thanks,



Three Call Charges.png


Re: Stop Yourself Making Calls


Hi Samuel, not sure of any app myself. If you have unlimited calls this would only be to local landline numbers and mobile numbers. 

Re: Stop Yourself Making Calls

What phone are you using @samuelll?


If you're accidentally dialing numbers when your phone is in your pocket and such, maybe a cover that closes over the screen would help? 


Or you could have the screen timeout faster and require a PIN or pattern to unlock, so it's tougher to open and make calls accidentally.

Re: Stop Yourself Making Calls


Oh no, nothing to do with accidental dialing.


More like you need to call a company that has a number starting 0818 and you don't realise that three charge you for calling that number...

Kindest regards,


Re: Stop Yourself Making Calls

Ah okay, every network charges for 0818 and other such calls as they are premium numbers. 


Maybe this Wikipedia article might be handy to have bookmarked? It shows the structure of landline and mobile numbers in Ireland -


So if you're making a call and it doesn't match that format, check the price guide to see if it's a premium number.


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