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Slow http data on 4G


I noticed while browsing on my phone that some web pages load a lot slower than usual in recent weeks.  Sure enough, when I ran speed tests, I'm getting a lot less than I use to and LTE/4G is just as poor.


What I began to notice is that secure websites, i.e. with a https connection, tended to load quicker, but until recently had no way of running a speed test on https.  So I asked the speed test website TestMy if they could implement a https test, which they did.


Sure enough, there is a vast difference between the speed I'm getting on http and https on the Three network: Cat Surprised



Both tests were done with a full LTE signal near Ballybofey with the phone placed in the same spot.


Is there any reason why plain http traffic is being restricted so low?  Up until a few weeks ago, I use to consistently get 10Mbps+ where ever I picked up an LTE signal in Co. Donegal, sometimes in excess of 30Mbps.  Now I rarely see speed tests above 6Mbps except when I run the test over https.


My phone is the OnePlus 2.  However, I don't think it's the phone as I get considerably quicker web browsing when I use a Meteor SIM in it, even on 3G.

Re: Slow http data on 4G

Hi @Anonymous, can you check the settings at the below link, especially the 'Server' setting? 


Android Settings

Re: Slow http data on 4G

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I compared the settings, but the only thing different was the 'Server:' field was not filled out on my phone, so I put that in and restarted my phone.


At the moment, the browsing speed is bad that web pages feel like they're loading on the O2 Edge signal, yet the phone is clearly on 3's LTE signal.


The following is another two speed tests, one with a plain http connection and the second with https (the red https just means they're not using a trusted security certificate provider):


Three 4G http.pngThree 4G http.png


Meteor for comparison, which is pretty impressive considering this is over 3G:


Meteor 3G.png

Re: Slow http data on 4G

If you change your Network Mode to WCDMA Only, and do the same tests over just 3G, what results do you get then?

Re: Slow http data on 4G


I just tried with the phone forced into WCDMA mode.  The difference is not as dramatic as with LTE, but https is still about 3 to 5 times quicker based on running both tests a few times.


Three 3G http.pngThree 3G https.png

Re: Slow http data on 4G

That's interesting, can you send a PM with your details? I'll check with our Networks team if this is a known issue with HTTP vs HTTPS. 

Re: Slow http data on 4G

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After the outage earlier today, I am barely able to browse the web now and even secure https websites are much slower to load.  Regular http webpages (e.g. BBC News) tend to take longer than a minute to load and sometimes even time out.


The main thing that kept me with Three until now was knowing it had unlimited data usage on a €20 top-up, but what use is that if it's like an all-you-can-eat buffet that serves barely chewable food?


Just to rule out Ballybofey, the following are two speed tests while I was in Letterkenny, the left on WCDMA (3G) and the right on LTE (4G), both plain http with a full signal. Cat Sad


Full H signal.png Full LTE signal.png


Even on https, my peak speed today was about 5Mbps with a full LTE signal.


So I've decided if the performance does not improve much by the time my credit is used up, I intend leaving Three.


Edit: Shortened the post.

Re: Slow http data on 4G




 I live in Dublin and I never had a problem with broadband speed. I am not a tech geek but lost of speed is very noticeable.  All of that after the outage that happened lately.

Re: Slow http data on 4G

Hi @Anonymous and @twixter1000, after the outage it may have taken some time for services to get back to normal, but it should be fine now. Can you restart your devices and let me know if it's still slower than normal?


Séán, I have your PM here and will get back to you there in a moment. 

Re: Slow http data on 4G


The Internet is now working again on my mobile. 


After a handful of speed tests, https is no longer faster than http.  Instead it seems to have also been  throttled back to what http has been giving me:


Three LTE http 27Oct'15.pngThree LTE https 27Oct'15.png


3G has improved, but now there's also no noticeable difference between 3G and LTE:


Three 3G http 27Oct'15.pngThree 3G https 27Oct'15.png


I'm not sure what 4G is like now down the country, but I can't imagine many wanting to pay the €5/month premium for 4G next July in the north west.


The following is a speed test I did back on the 5th June, which shows what I was able to get on 4G here.  I know it was early in the morning, but generally remained above 20Mbps during the day:



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