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Re: Slow http data on 4G

Glad to hear that the speeds are the same now for both, but sorry to see that they are so much slower than they used to be. I'll get back to your PM in a few minutes and set up that call from Tech for you.

Re: Slow http data on 4G

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I got the technical support call on Tuesday, but their main advice was to try my SIM in another handset as they seemed to think my handset was the problem.  They also said the 1Mbps to 2Mbps speed I'm getting is all I need for handset use and would only be problem if I was using Three for broadband such as with a laptop. Smiley Surprised


When I checked on Thursday, the speed has improved and am getting around 5Mbps on http and 6Mbps on https with a linear test (e.g. downloading/streaming) and am finally hitting about 20Mbps on multi-threaded tests (e.g. multiple simulateous downloads), so seems to back to what I was getting a few weeks ago: Cat Happy


Linear http test (25MB block):



Linear https test (25MB block):



Multithreaded http test (25Mb block):



Finally a test with my SIM in my old HTC One SV phone - Linear http test (12MB block):



The above were all conducted in the same spot in my office with a full LTE signal this morning around 9am to 10am.  So it'll be interesting to see how long they keep up.

Re: Slow http data on 4G

Interesting, glad to see that it seems to be much better there at the moment. Give a shout if there's any change.


Re: Slow http data on 4G


It is slowed because 3 is letting virgin ,Tesco, meteor and maybe more use their towers and making plenty of money from them and don't care about their own customers 

I have to use 3g to stream because 4g just buffers and freezes. 


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