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Yet again , problems with 3 reception.
Phone not great but useable.
Internet is a joke, to get a reasonable signal I have go outside or upstairs in my house, which is very inconvenient.
3 tell me that they do not supply boosters, yet I have been told that they do. Someone is telling pokey pies ( lies, to the uninitiated).
I have also been told that if you are not getting the service you pay for, the the company are in breach of contract and you can cancel the contract if this is the case. I will have to get legal advice on this.
Out of contract or supply a signal booster?

Re: Signal.

3 Moderator

Hey @JMR 👋 Can you send a private message with your mobile number, name, address, date of birth and I'll certainly check this out for you?   Can you also take a look at this checklist on our Community, and let me know if that helps? - Mairéad

Re: Signal.

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Hi Misread,
removing personal info**

Re: Signal.


Hi @JMR, can you PM us your details, I've removed them from the public thread Smiley Happy 

Re: Signal.

Hi once again, 3rd time, same problem. Rubbish reception, on phone and internet, I won't go into the details again.
Against my better judgement, I signed with 3, big mistake. When I ask the question I received texts from numerous moderators, all to no avail. The first time, several months ago the excuse was storm damage to the transmitter, the second time, in November I was eventually told there was a technical fault with the transmitter. Why don't 3 just admit they have a useless network????
I will say now that if you moderators cannot come up with a reasonable and truthful reason then don't bother, I do not have the time or the energy to waste answering all the usual questions.
Legal advice seems to be the only way, or just stop paying the bills.
Absolutely disgusted. John.

Re: Signal.

Hi John, can you PM me your full address please so I can check this out for you? Is this happening in all areas or just at your home address and do you know if other customers in the area are also experiencing this? 


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