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Signal coverage

I live just outside Buncrana, forthe last 2no weeks the phone signal is virtually non-existent... cant maje or receive calls unless I walk 20yds from house... not receiving txts at home either.. .. why pay this months bill??

Re: Signal coverage

Hi sgrah049 👋 I'll check this out for you. I can see anything wrong in your area. Can you send me on your full address so I can take a better look into this for you? Is this happening to you anywhere else? How long do you have your SIM card? Are others in the area experiencing this too? Is this affecting your data? What type of phone are you using? Martin. 

Re: Signal coverage

1. Please pm for address.
2. Poor signal in local area generally
3. Three sim, 14months approx
4. Others have same issue, incl wife at same address & family locally
5. Same issue with date, use landline wifi at home because of signal issues.
6. Why should I pay this months contract?

Re: Signal coverage


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