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Scam texts

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I have not clicked on any links nor have I subscribed to this service. Shortly after receiving this text I get an alert from three telling me I’ve spent over my limited, therefor these people have taken my money already!!! This is a disgrace and I can see from the recent posts that I’m not the only one!
Can somebody from three please contact me about stopping this before they take anymore money? Thank you.

Re: Scam texts

2 things 1. Text back STOP to remove any subscription
Pm the mods and they can remove all premium services (includes competitions)
I am not a Three employee. I'm just a little helper Smiley Happy

Re: Scam texts


I've had exactly the same problem, surely ComReg must be well aware of them by now?

Re: Scam texts

@tw_fire it's actually not illegal. Comreg can give info on how to open a dispute if you.say you haven't subscribed. You can contact the company directly as well by email to ask them how you became subscribed and text back STOP so you won't be charged anymore.

Re: Scam texts

3 Community Manager

Hi @Traffic76  and @tw_fire , I've popped this on another board which is about Premium SMS Gamersville too. Both @Mac_n_cheese and @Michael_Mick  are correct, but I'd like to add to the info You'll need to text STOP to 57977, as this is a 3rd party I'd suggest contacting them directly to find out how you got subscribed to the service and ask for a refund. Perhaps it's best to email them and cc Comreg Mods can place a premium block on accounts. Remember, this blocks ALL premium services incoming and outgoing. If you'd like to go ahead with this block, send me a PM by using the link below.

Re: Scam texts

Replying so I can pm

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