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Scam texts from 57030


I just received my bill for the last month and it says I have 24 premium messages from 57030 and have been charged 2.03 for each. I did not sign up for any service nor did I even receive any messages to my phone.


I have sent STOP to the number. 


What can I do? This is clearly a scam, my bill says 24 messages were received on the 28th of September all within 2 minutes.


What can I do? This is clearly a scam and I can't see how I am responsible for it.


Re: Scam texts from 57030

Okay it's not a scam it's a premium service and you can contact the company to dispute the subscription and ask for detail about how you were subscribed. They will refund you if you didnt actually subscribe but its not Three it's that company. Use the search bar and search for the word premium you'll see a post from Three_Rachel with all the details of what you can do.
I am not a Three employee. I'm just a little helper Smiley Happy

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