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Re: Scam text from 57976

Hi Paul, very annoying isn't it! As if we have nothing better to do than be
chasing these companies around..

Re: Scam text from 57976

Hi Sarah it sure is annoying.
Anyway help@sptwo is the email belonging to TRIMXS,they got in touch with me today and have offered to refund the €20 deducted while being adamant that I subscribed to them.Theyve offered refund through bank transfer or PayPal providing I show proof of my phone bill.
I asked them to refund through the same method they used to take it as the VAT on my phone bill will increase now.I also asked them for screenshots of the process I seemingly went through to land in this predicament but I don’t expect anything will come of that request 😂.Anyway I guess it a better result than most people get but you have to be prepared to follow them.👍🏻

Re: Scam text from 57976

Hi, I have recieved the same text this morning. Can you help and block all premium numbers as well please.

Re: Scam text from 57976

Send pm there to mods
I am not a Three employee. I'm just a little helper Smiley Happy

Re: Scam text from 57976

Hi Deborah

I can't send you PM. I am also just hit by scam and deducted 20 euro. Can you please help.


Re: Scam text from 57976

3 Community Manager

Hi there Amit @Nov24sun I see your PM and will pop back to you soon. As you've figured out, you need to post publicly before being able to send a PM. Also, your username was a mobile number, I'm guessing this is yours! So for your security, I've changed it to something generic. You can change it again to something more memorable for you 😊  


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