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Scam Text From 57977




I received some scam texts from 57977.


I have never signed up to anything, & I never enter competitions or anything.



Can I have Premium Services Block on my number?

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Re: Scam Text From 57977

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3 Community Manager

Hi everyone, please check out the announcement board regarding Premium SMS. We've supplied an email to put forward any disputes and also, a premium block can be applied to your account. @Jan2020 Here's the link 👉 Premium SMS to the announcement board. If you need any more info, please post here. Other Community members will share their advice and experience. however, if you need specific details regarding your account, do send one of our Community Mods a PM with your full name, number, address and date of birth. Thanks   

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Re: Scam Text From 57977




Read that first.


Just FYI its not a scam they are legit service texts for premium service and to dispute you need to send them an email and all the contact details for that number are on comreg's website just make sure you email and don't ring due to the extra costs 

I am not a Three employee. I'm just a little helper Smiley Happy

Re: Scam Text From 57977

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I have the same problem. Got a text something about mobile apps - it looked like a scam so I even didn't open provided link. Just straight blocked those. Few hours later I got txt from Three saying that I have no more credit...
And this is legit you saying, right?

Cancel premium SMS texts


I have 8 texts received on my phone on Sat 14th Sept @ 8.16am which have been billed for €16.26

I did not sign up for any subscription service. please block all potential premium SMS services from my phone

Re: Cancel premium SMS texts

3 Community Manager

@johnrlalor  and @eclipse05 Hi there, the 57977 is a premium rate number. Texts are charged at €2.50 (inc vat). I'm not able to see how this subscription happened, however I'm able to help you stop the service. You'll need to send a text with the word STOP to 57977. Did you know that Three can put a premium rate bar on your account? Have a look at our blog about these services 👉 Click here  

Re: Cancel premium SMS texts


did they give you the full refund ? 

Re: Scam Text From 57977


Re: Cancel premium SMS texts


This also happened to me today.. Out of the blue just got a few texts in a row and 20€ are now gone.


How can I block these numbers?

Re: Cancel premium SMS texts


Wasn't even on my phone or online today and my phone starts hopping. 8 text messages and credit gone. I have made a complaint to the merchant of 57977 (txtnation) and ComReg but when are mobile providers like Three going to stop burying their heads on this issue and realise this is blatant fraud? No one has any issues with paying for premium message texts/services like the Late late Show when the charges are transparent. However I, like others on this thread, have not solicited nor authorised any company to charge my phone today. that is the very definition of fraud. 


Anyone that has this issue ensure you are complaining to the merchant and also complaining to otherwise everyone just keeps getting defrauded and Three and the Comreg will do nothing. 


Hiow hard would it be for Three to block a merchant making back to back messages to number with the blatant reason to maximise the charges by draining credit and racking up bills before the unsuspecting customer has time to get it blocked. 


Re: Cancel premium SMS texts

I absolutely agree.

Hollow nonsense from Three.

These scam texts are from thieves  ,who are aided by Three , who happen to benefit from this theft.


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