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Roaming on Bill pay in Europe


Hi All, 

I'm an existing 3 Broadband customer and I use my broadband in Uk, Austria, Sweded, Denmark and Italy on a regular basis. As long as I'm on a 3 network I can use my data allowance free in these 3 like countries,  

I'm thinking to change from vodafone for my phone and join 3 on the Unlimited Flex Max tarrif.


Question is - 

1. Can my unlimited flex max calls, texts and data be used in these countries as I can with the broadband. In other words can I call or text home from Denmak for example when on 3 Dk for free and can I use my data allowance on my phone for free ?.


2. Will I be charged for receiving a call in these countries if I'm on the 3 network ?


3. Is there any plans from 3 Ireland to add France and Spain to their 3 like countries like 3 Uk have done. I travel all over Europe and this would be a great advantage. 




Re: Roaming on Bill pay in Europe


Hi @Anonymous


All the information you need regarding Three Like Home can be found HERE.

Three would love to have you as a customer for your mobile. Smiley Happy

Re: Roaming on Bill pay in Europe


So, This is exactly why I asked the question in the forum. 


The site states - 

The Three Like Home add-on gives you a bundle of 300 flexi units - which you can use to make calls, receive calls and send texts to Ireland while you're away. Receiving texts are free! And, for anyone on one of our All You Can Eat Data plans, 2GB data is also included


1. Is this per month ?, e.g. 300 flexi units and 2gb of data.

2. I assume billpay customers do not have to buy this addon but do I have to opt in for this. 

3. will be charged to receive calls in 3 like countries. 


I would like to hear from others who are on the Flexmax tarrif and using it in three like countries on a regular basis to see what they think of it.

I use my phone a lot in Europe and my bills run around €250 to €300 per month with vodafone and I would like to reduce that (dramatically !)



Re: Roaming on Bill pay in Europe

Hi @Anonymous, the Three Like Home 2GB addon is €2.99 per month, and you would need to add that to the Unlimited Flex Max plan.


It gives 300 flexi units (1 flexi unit is 1 minute of call time, or 2 texts) and 2GBs of data to use in eligible countries. The eligible countries are the same as for your broadband.


Those 300 flexi units cover outgoing texts to Ireland, outgoing calls to Ireland and all incoming calls. Incoming texts are free and do not come out of the allowance.


Give me a shout if you need any more info.


Re: Roaming on Bill pay in Europe


Hi @Anonymous


Has this now been resolved for you?


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