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Roaming limited to 3G?


Hi all,


i have a weird problem, but it’s been going on ever since I can remember...


I am ex-O2 customer and while I have no problem with 4G in Ireland, for some reason while abroad I can never get anything better than 3G. Regardless of country or the network. 


I did phone restarts, network settings resets. I noticed that my APN is still set to the old O2 (APN: internet), so I tried to change it manually to the “official” Three’s one ( but if I do that, phone can’t activate data connection at all. Yes, the 4G is enabled in my roaming settings.


i wonder if I’m the only one who’s not getting 4G abroad and if not, is there anything I can do?


i just want to point out as well that my Vodafone phone has no problem picking up 4G abroad, even when roaming with the same network as my Three phone.

Re: Roaming limited to 3G?


I dont think 4G is available to 3 when your roaming abroad


Re: Roaming limited to 3G?

3 Community Manager

Hi @Dannyboy86 you should be able to connect to 4G when abroad but sometimes the account settings need to be changed so I can do that for you if you PM me your number, address and date of birth. 

@billbond4 that used to be the case but services are available depending on the location and roaming partner. 




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