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Rental Discount Gold

Hello. I cancelled my classic flex max 350 and have switched to ultimate flex max unlimited sim only. There is an add on showing on my account as rental discount gold 10.16e per month. Can you advise what this is and how to remove it as I never added this add on to my account.


Re: Rental Discount Gold

Hi Donna 👋 Can you send me on your full name, number, address and date of birth so I can access your account and check this out for you? Martin. 


Re: Rental Discount Gold


I also have just changed to unlimited flex max sim only and also have this

any idea what it is

Re: Rental Discount Gold

They said it was a discount... didn't give me a full explanation of why etc so I'm waiting to see what it appears on the bill as.

Re: Rental Discount Gold

Thanks for the info pls keep me posted

Regards Michael

Re: Rental Discount Gold


I think maybe I figured it out image.jpeg



€39.75 - €10.16 = €29.59


€10.16 is the cost of Rental discount gold





Re: Rental Discount Gold


Hi folks, if you need me to check anything out on your account PM us your number, name, address and DOB? 


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