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Proof of usage and phone blacklist

 I requested proof of usage by calling you guys on 01.09.18 when I lost my phone. I'm waiting on it to be able to make an insurance claim. When I did this I was told that it would be up to 24 hours before one was sent out.


I waited until today and called again and have been told that the request was sent but that it takes up to 72hrs to be sent.


Can you confirm how long it takes and that a request has actually been sent? At the moment, this form from Three is the only thing holding up my claim.



Re: Proof of usage and phone blacklist

3 Community Manager

@Singh Welcome to the 3Community! Sorry to hear you've been waiting.  It's a 72 hour time-frame on the usage report. I'll check for you here, can you send me a PM with your number, name, address and date of birth? I'll then be able to check this on your account and chase the report for you 

Re: Proof of usage and phone blacklist

3 Moderator

@Singh I've had to delete the details you just gave me as you posted your personal details for people to see. I've deleted these for your security. On my signature, you'll see '' send me a PM '' can you click this and send me on your details. PM means private message 😊


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