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Proof Of Usage

I requested for proof of usage by calling you guys on 27/02/2018 when I lost my phone. I'm waiting on it to be able to make an insurance claim. When I did this I was told that it would be up to 48 hours before one was sent out.


I waited until today and called again and have been told that the request was sent but that it takes up to 72hrs to be sent.


Can you confirm how long it takes and that a request has actually been sent? At the moment, this form from Three is the only thing holding up my claim.



Re: Proof Of Usage


Hi @gadgetkiroo, I've just gotten back to your PM about this so I will continue to help you there.

Re: Proof Of Usage


I have requested proof of usage for my lost phone on the 6th of April 2018 and yet after 3 days I received nothing. Is it possible I can get some help? Thank you.

Re: Proof Of Usage

Hi @db, I'd like to take a look at that for you. Can you pop me a PM with your mobile number, address and date of birth and we'll see what's going on? Ashlee

Re: Proof Of Usage


hi i need to claim insurance on my phone and have i have called three  numerous of times  i have been told different things its regarding my proof of usage that i need to give my insurance company so i can get my replacement phone three have said they sent it, or you should receive it in 20 mins to 78 hours I'm getting fed up as I'm a loyal customer and I'm being treated with lies all i ask for you guys is to email me my proof of usage but no when you guys want your bill your quick to jump at our throats but when we need something you never get back to us and make us wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Re: Proof Of Usage

Hi @yasmin, Let's get this sorted for you. It looks like they're looking for proof of blacklisting as this is what insurance companies normally look for. Was your phone lost or stolen? I can get this sent out to you. Pop me a PM with all your info and we'll get this sorted straight away. Ashlee

Re: Proof Of Usage

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hi phone was not lost or stollen it just stopped working and wouldn’t turn on they just want proof of usage thats all if you could email it to me my three number is ******










***edited as personal info displayed publicly ***


Re: Proof Of Usage

I've edited your post as it displayed your private info publicly. Can I ask if you are a Three UK or Three Ireland customer? 

Re: Proof Of Usage

im a uk customer

Re: Proof Of Usage

3 Community Manager

Cheers @yasmin You'll need to touch base with Three UK to request this. Here's their contact information directly from their website - ThreeUK - How to Contact


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