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Problems roaming in Italy

We are on a family holiday in lake Garda Italy have been able to receive texts . Cannot send any cannot acresx mobile datA either. Was in contact with live chat earlier they asked me to check my sim on another phone which I have no luck , so not sure if a sim issue. Did have access on arrival in Saturday briefly on the motorway. Have gone a reset connected manually etc no luck 😞 , two of my teenage kids are with three they can access 3g no issue with - I Wind - they are on prepay I have sim only bill pay using iPhone 7

Re: Problems roaming in Italy


Hi Medj


I'm sorry to hear about this! As your kids are on 3 and having no issues, I'd like to check your account to make sure you're fully set up to roam.


Can you PM me your number, name, address and DOB? Also, can you let me know what error you get when you try to select the iWind network?




Re: Problems roaming in Italy

This was checked by a three live chat agent already I am an was . We are back in Ireland now . When we arrived in Verona airport I had access to 3ita . 3ita was not available in Peschiera Italy where we were staying. Phone could connect to I Wind network but couldn’t call text or connect to data . I tried making a call to see if that would work - message I got was that I was not allowed by my home network to roam using I Wind . In other words it seems of I couldn’t connect to 3ITA I wasn’t allowed roam I am Sim only bil pay my kids are prepay makes me wonder if this was the reason ? Will send you on my details anyway

Re: Problems roaming in Italy

3 Community Manager

Hi there. I'm very sorry that you couldn't connect while you were in Italy. It's strange that your kids could though! I've got your PM with all your details 👍 I'm going to look at your account set up and I'll pop back to your PM! Deb


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