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Overcharged Bills/Cancelling Contract



I moved to Thee last September and took out a 24 month contract for €55 a month. None of my bills have actually ever been €55. Majority of the time it is in the €80 range. However August 2 months ago I went on holiday and I made sure and have my roaming data off and only use hotel wifi. I made a couple of phone calls but nothing major as I mostly used FaceTime at hotel on their wifi. When I came home I got a bill of €125. However when they said €60 was used in London on data I was outraged. I stopped off in Heathrow for a connecting flight. Had my data off (even though it should be free roaming) and used the free airport wifi. When I rang up they told me there was charges for data. I tried explain numerous times in the phone call how I couldn't but no one would answer or listen. Just stating that if it's not paid my phone won't be tuned back on. I need my phone for my business etc. So I paid It up even though I knew I shouldn't have this bill. Last week I got a bill for €192. I have not been out of the country in September. I don't know how I can go over data when it's unlimited and mostly have wifi anyway. I don't even use data at my own house because the coverage is to bad. I really wanted to enjoy Three when I moved but these bills are outrageous and I just get my phone turned off when I don't agree with it.. I do not want to pay these bills for something I haven't used. But am afraid they're going to start sending out debt collectors letters. How can i get out of this or how are they allowed do his?

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Re: Overcharged Bills/Cancelling Contract

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Hi Leona1029 👋 I can look into this for you. Can you PM me your full name, number, address and date of birth so I can access your account and see what's been happening? 

Re: Overcharged Bills/Cancelling Contract

i amwith 3 for over 2 yrs paying allmost 40 euro a month for broadband and since the start if September the signal is all of a sudden gone very bad. deaoute numerous calls in my behalf its still not sorted. all i have ever receoved from three is texts and after me specifically conplaing about receiving texts after 2 months of me contacting them i got a text saying we believe your rexent issues are not sorted if not contact us. I have never in my life seen service as bad as this. well my issues are not solved and where do i go from here, i need broadbanf for work and want to leave three now not so much over the quality of there product but the shocking service
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Re: Overcharged Bills/Cancelling Contract

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Hey Neil 👋 I'm very sorry to hear this and would certainly like to look into this further for you. Can you send a PM with your broadband number, address and date of birth please? Mairéad 

Re: Overcharged Bills/Cancelling Contract

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