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Online Bills - "Sorry, there's been a problem"

I'm out of contract since 2014 and am now going to buy a new iPhone and need to decide which network to go with. I've been reasonably happy with 3 since 2012 but after the March price increases I find my Bills are still higher than the extra fiver would explain. I'm obviously being charged for something that was included before now, (or there's been an overcharging incident). I figured I'd give it a couple of months and then investigate my Bills, which is what I'm doing now. Or rather trying to do, as I keep getting "Sorry, there's been a problem" whenever I try to view the detail of calls and texts underlying a Bill.

So, to summarise, I want to understand why my Bills are higher than expected and to do that I need to be able to read my Bills, which I cannot, and I'm looking for a reason to stay with 3 when all indications are that I should switch to another service provider when I buy my new iPhone.

Re: Online Bills - "Sorry, there's been a problem"

3 Moderator

Hi @3_Little_Maids 👋 Thanks for getting in touch with us here. I can check your bills for you here now but I'd also like to check out what's happening with your My3 account. Can you clear your cookies and cache and see if this helps, and if not, can you try this in another browser? If you send me a private message with your number, full name, address and date of birth I can check the bills for you here and see what you're being charged for and if there's another price plan that would suit you better or an add-on available to bring down the cost for you. Aoife 

Re: Online Bills - "Sorry, there's been a problem"

I did all that, deleted Cookies, temp internet files, etc., and switched on and off pop-up blocker but there was no difference.


I tried using Safari as well as IE on different devices but there was no difference, it still fails, "Sorry, there's been a problem",  when I try to see what the individual call details were over a billing period, date, number dialled, duration, cost, etc., all the usual stuff one wants from an itemised bill.


I believe this is a problem at your end and, like I say, I think there is a problem totting the numbers up correctly.


Why don't you post bills for March, April and May to me and we'll take it from there

Re: Online Bills - "Sorry, there's been a problem"

3 Moderator

No worries . Let's get this sorted for you now. Can you send me on your mobile number, address and date of birth so I can take a look at that for you myself and see what's going on?


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