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No service after travel abroad



I just got back from my holidays in Spain, as soon I landed in Dublin my phone is getting any service or 4G network connection. I have tried my Sim card in another phone and works perfectly. I tried another sim card in my phone same issue. I noticed that the phone is not getting 4G only WCDMA but still nothing. I have tried the basic solutions such as go to networks > select network operator> it shows 3 (4G) and an error pops up: your sim card does not allow that network connection.

While I was in Spain, my phone was on and off in about network operator sometimes will be fine or sometimes it would say "NO SERVICE" like now but after it would connect to any network in Spain.


I was wondering if Three would lock the phone or something like it.


Re: No service after travel abroad

3 Moderator

Hi Nelamaria19 and welcome to 3Community! Three certainly wouldn't lock your phone. Can you go to the settings on your phone and check that you have LTE activated?

Re: No service after travel abroad

Hi. Thank you for your reply. Yes I have that activated. What else could be?
Posted From HTC Desire 825

Re: No service after travel abroad


We might need you to check your APN settings to make sure that they have reverted back to the usual settings since returning home. 


Can you send me a PM with your number, name, address and DOB?



Re: No service after travel abroad

Guys I'm in Costa Rica and I can't call or text and neither can my fianceé. We try to call, even 1913, and it says something like our account is suspended in Spanish. We need to be able to text as we have had to alter travel plans and if our bank stops our cards and we can't call them we are screwed.
Posted From Samsung SM-J510FN

Re: No service after travel abroad

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