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New phone dead


I can't see a tech support section for this.

I have the Oneplus 7t Pro, I've had it for two weeks. Today I had a missed call. I went to check the notification and the screen went black. I now cannot use my phone. I can hear notifications, I can feel it vibrate but the screen won't come on.

I've tried holding the power button. I've tried holding the power and volume up and volume down buttons indivdually and together and nothing. The phone vibrates and seems to acknowledge I'm pressing buttons but the screen is completely dead. I had my partner call me and i can still swipe to answer the call and speak and I managed to turn my flash light on by swiping down as you would if the screen was on. Only it's not.

What do I do from here? Am I covered? I don't think I took out an insurance plan when I got the contract but this seems like a faulty product

Re: New phone dead

3 Moderator

Hi @bjiles 👋 Thanks for your post, although I am very sorry to hear of the difficulty you're having with your phone! Did you purchase the phone from Three? If so, it sounds like you may need to bring it back to the store to investigate further and they will be able to advise after this on getting it sorted for you. Susan 

Re: New phone dead

Sounds like you need to do a factory restore of the phone.
It could be a faulty app on the phone

Re: New phone dead

You could try doing this,
It MAY wipe any data on phone./ memory card so check you have BACKUPS!

Re: New phone dead

Hmm maybe something is up with the display, have a search on Google


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