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New dongle no registration carry over


Just replaced a dongle and SIM with Huwai brand and my customer support experience is quoted below: 


Hello, I just received a new dongle modem and sim card with a new attached
# 3gxxxxx (sim card code)
35383xxx (new number no longer the previous 083 xxxx by which I
could access my login details current balance and purchase add ons via
internet. I spent over an hour with customer service trying to explain and
fix the transition from one account to another. Surely someone should have
anticipated what would happen when the new account didn't have any credits
on it. The log in doesn't allow me to fix my details nor change my
password. It is faulty. Please try it yourself. I have yet to get technical
support to respond to me to fix this issue. Your telephone response team
was not able to figure out the problem. Your website asks for a dongle
model number but doesn't have the dongle E5577 listed that you just sent me
so I can't fill out that form portion either. As an international customer
not familiar with your pay as you go top up add ons and customer numbers I
need to rely on an internet registered location customer sign in and check
my current balance that's fixed and accessible. What happened to me was
that all my client history and records were erased when the new dongle was
plugged in and your website doesn't give me access.

Usually when a product is purchased from your website the dongle will be listed. The E5577 is not. I would expect a confirmation of the purchased product. The dongle should be plug and play with some method to authenticate the user online and a registration page directly linking change my telephone number / change my dongle / change my registration of dongle.


A customer should be able to identify a case number from a no.reply missive so that each communication isn't a push into a void of form responses asking for the same information.

Re: New dongle no registration carry over

If it's a new number then you have to register again from scratch. did you try that? You may need to use another email address if the other is still registered to the other number. Is there a reason you got a new number though? Were you prepay and not bill pay?

I am not a Three employee. I'm just a little helper Smiley Happy

Re: New dongle no registration carry over


I am a casual user of my Irish phone so do not have what you call billing account. I top up my phone for the few months that I use it for a limited amount like 10euro a go. That phone is used for local calls and isn't a smart phone using sophisticated data, email etc. The whole problem of not transferring my initial registration in Mythree over to the new dongle and sim belongs to customer care. Nowhere online does it say you will lose access to your account by plugging in the new dongle. 

Re: New dongle no registration carry over

It isn't the case if you were upgrading but you started with a brand new number so that is a brand new account as such. Did you try registering it as a new number on the website?

I am not a Three employee. I'm just a little helper Smiley Happy

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