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Need help understanding the best plan for 2 months in ROI


My daughter will be spending to months in the ROI (County wicklow, mostly), mid-October through mid-December.  I'm having trouble understanding the best plan and add-ons to get from Three.  Some of her friends in ROI have recommended Three as having the best coverage.


She has an unlocked iPhone 7, currently on the Verizon network in the US.  We're looking at a SIM only plan, so she can continue using her iPhone.  I'm looking at the Bill Pay, SIMO plan for 30 euros/month.  She will be spending most of her time in the County Wicklow area.  Dublin, Greystones, and nearby.  But, that doesn't mean she might travel around ROI a bit.  Maybe even Northern Ireland for short times.  She'd also like to be able to reach friends and family back in the US.  So, she needs to make calls to and from any network in the ROI, maybe a little in Northern Ireland, and make calls back to the US.  Same with text messages.


The Bill Pay SIMO plan includes:

  • All You Can Eat Data
    • I read that this is ROI only.  Does that mean if she's roaming on a non-Three network, in the ROI, she can still use unlimited data?  Data means using apps, right?  Not texts?
  • 9GB of EU data.
    • Is Northern Ireland considered EU?  At least for the near future.
  • Unlimited 3 to 3 calls in the ROI only.
  • Unlimited Flexi Units
    • I read that a Flexi Unit is 1 minute of call or 2 texts.
    • So, this basically gives her unlimited calls and texts within the ROI.  Correct?  
    • In the Flexi Unit terms it says this includes calls to any landline or mobile within the ROI.  That includes non-Three networks, too?
    • The terms say Flexi Units also apply to calls from the EU to EWU, or from the EU to the ROI, but NOT from the ROI to EU.  Correct?
    • Same terms for texts, too?

So, this plan, by itself, will get her unlimited calls and texts within the ROI, any network, also from EU to EU, and EU to ROI.  It also gets her 9GB of data in the EU.  And, EU includes Northern Ireland.  And, this all includes any network, Three or non-Three.


Now, onto international....


I assume WiFi is free and unlimited.  So, whenever she's in a WiFi area she can use any of the network apps, like WhatsApp, Facetime or Skype, to call anywhere, including internationally.  Right?


Since she has All You Can Eat Data she could also use WhatsApp, Facetime or Skype to call anywhere from anywhere on the Three network, using her data.


It doesn't look like, with this plans, any of the Add-Ons are necessary. 

The calls to the US add-on is unnecessary, if she sticks to WiFi only.

The calls to ROI landlines add-on is unnecessary because unlimited Flexi Units takes care of that.

The texts to any ROI network add-on is unnecessary because that is also taken care of by Flexi Units.

She may want to consider the calls to Voicemail add-on.

Sounds like she can get what she wants with the 30 Euro/month Bill PAy SIM only plan.

Do I have all this correct?


Finally, can we purchase the SIM and plan in advance and just activate it when she arrives in Ireland?  Do you ship to the US?


And, just to make sure, her unlocked Verizon iPhone 7 is supported, right? 


Re: Need help understanding the best plan for 2 months in RO


Hi Bob 👋 Hope you're having a good day. I can see you have done a lot of homework with this are your pretty correct on all of this 👍 I think the €30 sim only plan would be ideal for your daughter as it does include all the above and is she wants to contact friends and family internationally she can do so on wifi and her data through the various apps you have stated free of charge. so with this plan, I feel she will have everything she needs. As this is a billing account the account holder must provide a fixed Irish address and an Irish bank account in order to purchase this plan. what she can also do is go for a prepaid account when she arrives. she can top up with €20 and she will receive free three to three calls, any networks texts and all you can eat data for 28 days. This plan will allow her to take advantage of the data on this plan to make international calls and any other network calls that would be charged for normally on the prepaid package. 😊 Shane


Re: Need help understanding the best plan for 2 months in RO

Thanks Shane! That was good information on the need for an Irish bank account for the bill pay account. Although she'll have an address for 2 months, not a bank account. So, maybe prepaid is the way to go. Can we do prepaid in advance and get a SIM card shipped to the US, so it's ready to go when she arrives in Ireland? Or, can she easily get one at the Dublin airport when she arrives? And, she can prepay and top off using her US debit card? I just want to make sure she can do what she wants under the prepaid SIMO plan ... * Unlimited 3 to 3 calls within the ROI. * What about calls from 3 to non-3 mobiles, or to landlines in the ROI? I don't see any flexi units in the prepaid plan. * All You Can Eat data in the ROI. This will cover her apps while in ROI. * Unlimited any network texts. I assume this means any network in the ROI. What about international texts back home to/from the US? What about texts to/from Northern Ireland? * 9GB monthly EU data. Covers her if she makes a short trip to Northern Ireland. * WiFi is always free I see notice that the "20 euro top up offer" is only good until October 31. What does that mean? Also, can you tell me the best way to go about ordering this? This is SIM only. We will use her unlocked iPhone 7. Is the iPhone 7 supported? for 20 Euros she gets 28 days of the services mentioned. After 28 days she just topes up for another 20 Euros and gets another 28 days. Right? Thanks for the help!

Re: Need help understanding the best plan for 2 months in RO

3 Community Manager



Considering everything, you want to make sure there is SIM ready to go when she arrives in Dublin Airport and there are no outlets that sell Three SIM cards so yes I can sen one from here myself to the US. Best thing to go with then is the Prepay SIM. Unlimited data and texts for 28 days but no Flexi units and no 3 to 3 calls However, the €20 top up remains on the account after activating the plan so customers use that to make calls. 


If it's the SIM Only plan then that requires a fixed Irish address with physical proof of address i.e. a utility bill with your daughters name on it (I don't think this is something that she will be able to get but correct me if I'm wrong) The Irish bank account is required but it can also be an EU bank account as long as the currency is Euro and it's in her name, again I don't think your daughter will have this for the sake of spending a few months in Ireland. 


In terms of topping up I will put €5 on the SIM card for free which will do until your daughter can get to a local shop to purchase €20 top up. Just make sure you let her know to switch off the data completely on her iPhone 7 (which we do support) before she even lands in Ireland or that €5 will disappear in seconds (the reason is, when the unlimited plan is not active it will charge her €1.01 per mb ) That way she can use the €5 to let you guys know she's arrived safely by calling or texting. 


I think I've answered all the outstanding questions but if I've missed one let me know Smiley Happy


Re: Need help understanding the best plan for 2 months in RO

I'm confused. Your website says the Prepaid SIM Only plan includes unlimited 3-to-3 calls. Maybe I should step back... explain what we need, and ask you for a solution. * Will be in Ireland for 2 months, mid-October to mid-December. * Need to make calls to any network in ROI. * Need to be able to make calls back to the US. Not a lot. And maybe WiFi will take care of this. * Need to be able to send texts to and from any network in ROI. Unlimited would be great. * Need to be able to send texts to/from the US. Unlimited would be great. * Need data within the ROI. * Would prefer using her existing unlocked iPhone 7. So, SIM only, if possible. It looks like the Prepay SIM only plan gives us unlimited 3-to-3 calls in the ROI, unlimited any network texts (ROI only, I assume), and All You Can Eat Data. So, we need a solution for the international texting (important), any network calls in the ROI (important), and international calling (not so important). That's why the Bill Pay SIM Only plan looked good. It includes Flexi Units. But, she's only there for 2 months. Won't have proof of a permanent residence or an Irish bank account. So, Bill Pay SIM Only won't work. Are there Add Ons we can add to the PrePay SIM Only? Or, what is the best solution Three can provide? Thanks.

Re: Need help understanding the best plan for 2 months in RO

3 Community Manager


The prepay plan comes with free Three to Three calls yes so that means if your daughter calls another Three customer in Ireland, she is not charged. It doesn't have any other calls included so if calling an non-Three customer she will be charged and if calling internationally she will be charged. We don't have any international add-ons for calling or texting the US. The SIM Only plan is a Bill Pay plan and in order to set it up your daughter will need proof of address i.e. an bill in her name with the address on it (Irish address) she also needs either an Irish bank account or a European bank account as long as the currency is in Euros for the country the account is set up in.  I don't think this is something your daughter will have which is why I advised that it won't be possible to set that up.


Using the prepay plan means your daughter can call/text the non Three customers in Ireland and the US by using apps such as Whatsapp or Facebook messenger which use the data and on her plan that's unlimited so she won't be charged. She can  call or send texts as a normal call and text but will be charged for these. When the €20 top up is applied, the balance remains €20 with the plan active so that €20 can be used to call/text. 


The iPhone7 should work fine, if you want to be sure though you can send me the bands that it covers and I can double check  for you. 


Hope this helps Smiley Happy


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