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Re: Mobile broadband router -Excessive usage. Why?


I have a feeling you might have been unlucky and had a windows update done on your laptop and possibly a few backups taking place in background.

For your laptop it might be no harm in setting your home wifi network as a metered network to reduce data use.

Re: Mobile broadband router -Excessive usage. Why?

Thanks very much for that. I hadn't even realised that was possible!

Re: Mobile broadband router -Excessive usage. Why?


I just wanted to update you on my data usage, after trying all the good suggestions I got here.  After waiting for the monthly allowance to renew, I've been watching it vigilantly every day.  We seem to be using about half the amount now, so around 10GB a day (sometimes a bit more, sometimes less.)  It's still a bit higher than I'd like for only 4 people in the house and no console connected, but it's definitely better than it was.  No spikes of 24GB in a day!  


One interesting thing - after changing our router password (again!) I decided to change

the name of the router too and called it "This is not your wifi!"  Two nights later I discovered someone nearby had changed theirs to an expletive.  A response?  Perhaps.....

Re: Mobile broadband router -Excessive usage. Why?

3 Moderator

Hey @Margaret 👋 It's great to hear your data usage is now under control and you can keep track of this. That most definitely seems like a response, if not a very nice one! 😆 Mairéad

Re: Mobile broadband router -Excessive usage. Why?

I have a similar issue, three's responses are trying to wear me down. They dont Know me very well

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