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Re: Mobile Broadband 4G Dongle


hi I am also have dongle problems I upgraded to a net gear air card when I last renewed my contract, this however stopped working when the battery overheated and swelled up so we had to go back to using our old hauweii 5330 which is really bad, we contacted three about replacing the battery as it must have been faulty and they wouldn't help, so today after been on live chat I was told I could upgrade again so I said great thinking an upgrade meant a new upgraded modem but when I received the confirmation email it was for another hauweii 5330, so I immediately got back on to three and was told to cancel I have to let it arrive on Monday then not accept it and let it go back to three and that's how to cancel it sounds a bit ridiculous

to me.  I have been trying all night to sort this out because when I was offered the upgrade I was asked if I wanted to renew the same contract which I did at the time but now I want to cancel the modem and not accept another 18 months contract as  I might go else where

Re: Mobile Broadband 4G Dongle


Hi @Anonymous


Sorry to hear about the issues, the reason for rejecting the modem at the door is because with all the orders three would process it would have been too late to stop one from been sent, an email at three could take 24 hours to be looked at. I know its horrible and I do feel for you but unfortunately this would be the process for all customers.


If you want to PM the mods with the following

Your three mobile number



Date of birth



@Three_Sheena will get it and can look in to this for you. To send a PM just click "Send a message to the Three reps" below.

Re: Mobile Broadband 4G Dongle


I think 3 should issue a list of compatible dongles on the website. Currently, they do not have any usb dongles. There are some applications where you need usb, not wifi connection


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