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Re: Mobile 4G Extremely Slow


There's clearly an issue with my connection and you guys are just playing dumb.
4G ATM = 1.44DL / 1.59 UL / PING 39
3G ATM = 9.56 DL/ 2.65 UL/ PING 36


"With 4G Plus Three customers will be able to enjoy peak speeds of 225 Mbps for free"

Hah.. on what planet. The speeds suddenly start dropping and then dropped to nothing and you guys say that it's nothing on your end.


3 different phones tested, I'm in the purple 4G area yet getting speeds like that....
The speeds started dropping a few months back and now they are at a crawl.

I'm moving to another network after years of being with 3 given the attitude taken with my issue. Similar to when I had a roaming issue when going in the states, told everything was fine and I couldn't connect to anything. I get back and you say there's nothing wrong you end. Then last year I went abroad with work again and after a week of dealing with ye someone finally goes... oh actually your roaming was never activated on our side when you originally contacted us.

An absolute joke... and here we are again.. everyone acting like nothing is wrong. Great service. I'm off to another company.

Re: Mobile 4G Extremely Slow

More and more people using 4g phones = less speeds until backbone capacity is increased

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Re: Mobile 4G Extremely Slow


Out of interest has anyone EVER seen the speeds of  225 Mbps that they claim to offer with 4G. The fastest I've ever got a reading of is a one off of 45Mbs. Never anything higher.


Re: Mobile 4G Extremely Slow


I got around 75 Mbps, once, for about 2 minutes on the motorway. In normal use i get around 15-20 if i'm in good coverage. No where near as good as Vodafone, but what do you expect? When you offer all of your customers 60GB 4G data there's bound to be more demand for networks resources. Just be happy you're not with iD mobile, I would have be lucky to get 10 Mbps! 

Re: Mobile 4G Extremely Slow

That's hard to believe from three I'm having same issue as the others starts at 2mb jumps to 20mb then drops to nothing very unstable and unsustainable connection I've just paid £35 for an unlimited add on and would like to receive the service i pay for. Isn't that a contract that's not being fulfilled doesn't offcom need to be investigating this issue?
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Re: Mobile 4G Extremely Slow

Well they don't advertise the speed so I don't think it's an Ofcom thing. But moving from 20 to 2 sounds like congestion, does it happen in the evenings? I know @Mac_n_cheese has said changing the WiFi channel or 3 G has helped him. What have you tried to help?
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Re: Mobile 4G Extremely Slow

3 Community Manager

@ Richardbee, hi there 👋 I agree with Michael_Mick, that this could be traffic congestion. Judging from the cost of your service being quoted in pounds sterling, I'm wondering if you're a Three UK customer? If so, perhaps you'll need to get in touch with our colleagues over there? 


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