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Mobile 4G Extremely Slow

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For a number of months I've noticed my 4G connection getting worse / ie slower. I have 3 phones to test with, Sony Expeira, Xiaomi Mi and my One Plus 2. I tested this on all 3 and the same issue occurs.


(Just some back ground on what happened prior to this)

I've been in contact with support back in mid Sep about this where I was told that the engineers couldn't run any tests as I was not using enough data for them to pull whatever info was needed on this issue.

So they asked me to download a lot etc etc and get the useage up. I did this for the 3 days and spammed movie downloads that I had.. remove, download repeat. 


I had to leave the country for work for around a month but I was advised the time frame did not matter, just to contact back when I had the dates when I did a lot of downloading. So after getting back and seeing the speeds were worse I contacted the chat and the person couldn't really grasp the issue. Kept reffering to when I first contacted where they said iniitally that there wasn't enough data. After about 5 times of  breaking it down for the guy in support I told him the 3 days I wanted them to check were a week later to which he replied that it was too far back (contrary to what I was told). The guy in the chat seemed to be only able to copy and paste replies in so I ended it as I'd wasted enough time talking to the wall.


Anyway.. I'm back at square one where I am trying to download a lot of data etc. But the problem is that it has gotten so slow and so bad. I have tried to download a 0.98gb movie from Google Play tonight. I closed everything and started the download at around 9.25pm tonight.. it is now 10.50pm and it's on 44% It just had a spike in the last 5/6 mins and jumped to 70%.

My problem is they want me to hit high data useage but given its taken like 1.5hrs to get just over 600mb how in the hell am I meant to do this. I can't sit in work and constantly check to see if it's downloading/stopped or whatever else.  I was able to download all 7+ movies on google play/remove/redownload again in this time when it worked before. 


I've checked all settings and they match the recommended settings on the site on the 3 phones. My primary device is the One Plus 2 which is what I am currently using.. I really don't like the theory of #oh if it's not a supported phone there's nothing we can do' which is what one person told on the phone earlier in the year! 

More and more people have been saying about how slow it is but it's honestly like dial up (minus the noise) at this stage and unuseable for the most part. A lot of times the signal has dropped randomly and gone into roaming mode... and I am just sat here in my bedroom or at work. Then I have to go through the process of locating the network again which is also slow.


Just to confirm...

1) The slowness has been tested on 3 different phone type (given above)

2) Network settings match what is on the site and was confirmed by someone I spoke to on the phone in sep.

3) LTE is selected as preferred 

4) No data limit on the phone in place.

5) I am pay as you go and top up with 20 every month religiously for the all you can eat 4G.

6) This happens in Cork City center and out where I work near Mahon Point area.

7) Phone software is up to date, restarts, resets been done etc


What can I do here??

Re: Mobile 4G Extremely Slow


Just to show.. at first I queued them all up but as it was going slow I removed all but the top one. As you ca see this was at 21.33pm. And in the second you can see an hour later with nothing else running on the phone only 444mb downloaded.



Re: Mobile 4G Extremely Slow


23.31pm download finished. So that was over 2hrs to download one 0.96gb file.

Re: Mobile 4G Extremely Slow

What does speedtest result say?

Re: Mobile 4G Extremely Slow


Ping 51ms

Download 0.79

Upload 1.84


Re: Mobile 4G Extremely Slow

Ah I think none of your phones support 4g+ that's your problem

Re: Mobile 4G Extremely Slow

[ Edited ]

You'll have to forgive my bluntness but this has been an ongoing/annoying problem. But based on that reply I'll assume you didn't read all of my previous post or look at the images provided that show an LTE connection as it always has.


The phones support 4G.. it's been a gradual decline in service to this point where it's crawling. I've not been imaging 4G/LTE service all this time.


If someone from Three could address this. It's been futile contacting through other method's as all they can repeat is 'you need to download more so out engineers can analyse the data over 3 days. Again at these speeds I can't even reach my previous normal useage. 



Re: Mobile 4G Extremely Slow

Probably as more customers are on 4g there is less bandwidth to be used. Especially on prepay.
Nothing is going to change in the short term as I suspect the backhaul can't handle the amount of data on it.
Having a phone with 4g+ capabilities would get you extra speed if the area has 4g+.

Re: Mobile 4G Extremely Slow

Which is of course rubbish. Consistently paying them money for years and this is all they can offer by way of service.
I've never seen such a drop in service with anything as bad as this. My ass if I'll go look for another phone that has this 4G + thing. They offer 4G yet cannot provide it, if this is the case and no one from Three will do anything then I'll just move to one of the other companies and give them my money

Re: Mobile 4G Extremely Slow


Hi @Anonymous, Thanks for getting in touch about this. Do you notice if your speeds fluctuate during certain times of the day at all?


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