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Issues with 4g on router

Hi all wonder if you can help me?
My mother in law has a 4g router
Which we take the Huawei b8310s-22 on holiday to our caravan all the then.
Recently thought the internet has got stupid bad.
When we first got it, it won't amazing but now it's got stupid bad
Also my upload apparently faster then my download?
I have looked at updating the router, lowing how many devices it has running and getting the Sam issue.
Only time my connection has gone up is at 2am to about 3mb. It's ATM running about 1mb.
Any idea what I can do? As we psyical can't do anything on it at all
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Re: Issues with 4g on router

Probably down to your location of caravan, I'm guessing it's in a remote location where the mast wouldn't have a lot of bandwidth and now with people being on holidays people have to share.
You could send the mods a pm with the account details and location of where you will be so they could check if there is any issue with mast

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Re: Issues with 4g on router

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@Gingerbreadman Hello there, the area you're in might not have full 4G coverage, and @billbond4 has a good point. Have you tried switching to 3G only on your router? speaking of which, I've noticed the model number is not one that we supply at Three Ireland. Are you using the router here on a roaming plan? 


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