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Incorrect Charges to my account warning to 365 bank users


So my bill for December 2017 was double what it normally is (I'm pretty regular in the amount I use) so I checked it out. On the 24th December I was charged for 3 calls to JAPAN! from my mobile phone. I don't know anyone in Japan, I have never been so lucky to visit Japan and I don't know where these calls came from. 


On further investigation I realised that I was being charged for phoning Bank of Ireland 365 number as if it was in Japan. 


You can ring BOI 365 on two numbers 00818365365 or 0818365365, both I have confirmed with BOI that they reach the same offices in Ireland. The code for JAPAN is 0081 so three have charged me for phoning outside of Ireland. Initially I was told that I would be refunded but now I am being told it was my own error for putting an extra digit in. However BOI have confirmed that both are eligible numbers to reach them IN IRELAND. 


Am I wrong to look for a refund? Who is at fault? Do I just put up with the charges and move on? Do I make more people aware of this issue.....I only realised because I had to call them 3 times in one day otherwise I wouldn't even be aware of the issue. 



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