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Huawei y6

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Help me please because i am getting very annoyed with my billpay Huawei Y6

It is constantly saying insufficient storage even though i bought an SD card

How do i go about putting my Apps onto my SD card??

At the moment it is saying i have 435MB free wow! It is not letting me update my Apps

Re: Huawei y6

Backup your phone first then try the below.
(1) Setting > Storage > Change the default from "install apps to the SD card" back too "install apps to internal" memory.

(2) Install app "Apps 2 SD" (has orange Icon with Black SD within)
Move a ton of apps to the SD card.. so you will have room in your
internal memory needed for step (5)

(3) UnMount SD Card > Then Restart Cell Phone

(4) Notice that the Setting > Storage > internal memory is working

(5) Go to Google Store > Settings > My Apps > UPDATE ALL
All your apps updates and no issues

(6) NOTE: DO NOT CHANGE the default memory to be INTERNAL as
step one... this is what I believe creates this issue.
Or it may be that I was moving my apps to the SD card wrong;
I am not sure, but the "Apps 2 SD" solved the issue if that was the
case. If your energetic; you could try this solution without the
"Apps 2 SD" first.. see if it worked... then if it doesn't then include
Step (2) and see if works for you.

(7) Mount SD Card > Then Restart Cell Phone

Re: Huawei y6

Also in apps change the setting to save data on sdcard

Re: Huawei y6


Thank you very much but only one problem i haven't got enough memory to download that app

Re: Huawei y6

Delete an app you use occasionly and reinstall it later

Re: Huawei y6

How are you getting on with the transfer of data?

Re: Huawei y6

Hi @Pepper, did billbond4 suggestion help? Let me know how you get on with the data transfer?

Re: Huawei y6


I went into the 3store to try and sort it but basically there is only 8GB in my phone and most of that is useless and none of my apps can be tranferred onto my memory card for some reason thanks though

Re: Huawei y6


No i went into one of your stores today and was told that you cant put any apps on a SD card

That link that bilboa suggested is getting awful reviews

Basically my phone hasnt got enough memory and i wont make that mistake again

Re: Huawei y6

Yeah thats the problem with android,some phones allow you to setup a memory card as part of phones memory but some don't.
You might still get away with transferring data from your phone to sd card.
Try something like es file explorer to move music etc from the phone to card.
Give a breakdown of what's on your phone memory I.e 2GB apps 1GB photos etc


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