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Re: Huawei B525 static IP addresses

Ah i misread your first post,
I think the aps should recognise the new ip addresses as they would have to cope with new ip addresses if you restarted your router anyway. They should be tied into automation software by the mac address

Re: Huawei B525 static IP addresses


There is no option in the huawei B525 to setup the IP addresses?

God bless all the people!

Re: Huawei B525 static IP addresses


Hi Richard 👋 Thanks for getting in touch. There is no option to switch to a static I.P from the router settings but we can change settings to give open internet access so that you can access things like security cameras and electric gates 😊 Shane 

Re: Huawei B525 static IP addresses


Richard - they have no idea what you are talking about.  They think you are referring to the EXTERNAL facing IP address of your internet connection.


The B525s-23a 4G LTE router *does* support allocating fixed IP addresses to connecting devices based on MAC address.


However, it appears to supply only EIGHT reservations - far far too few in my experience.


Also, be aware, I'm given to understand that there are different versions of the firmware for the B525 'out there', so it may be the case that, depending on where you bought yours from, that it wont allow you to reserve IPs.



Re: Huawei B525 static IP addresses


b525 dhcp.jpgB525 DHCP reservations


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