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Horrific Service Still waiting on Sim Replacement

My broadband has been dropping service for the last 4 days,i called care last night & was told to clean the sim and it should work again-again no broadband! I had to call twice this morning, they logged a query with tech support who said the problem was the modem not the service so i went to the store where they tested the modem and it was perfect so store told me a sim replacement was needed and it would be activated in 4 hours - 4 hours later broadband still not working-called customer service who said their was a problen with the address on the request, our address was put through by the store instead of our new address that is on the account. I queried why we were not called about this and was told they tried to call but could not connect which is interesting as i have had service all day which can be checked as i am also a 3mobile bill customer. I asked what would be done abd was told to log my request online to which i replied that i have not access to internet - customer cares response to this was to tell me to go somewhere else then! I KID YOU NOT!!!! I told them this wasnt an option so i was then told to go back to the we live out in the country and we were told this at 5.45 on a Saturday evening!! We treid to call the store 4 times no here we are, old sim not working & new sim not working, no broadband yet again, and i want to know who si going to sort this and when??? Im currently logging this request through my phone please respond asap.....please also bear in mind that im seriously considering leaving 3 on both broadband(out of contract) and mobile(out of contract next month). I have never been in collections, have never had to call to complain but the one time i need help, Three have failed

Re: Horrific Service Still waiting on Sim Replacem


Hi there @Anonymous 


first of all welcome to the forum.


sorry that you have had hassle with activating the Three sim. As I was reading it I thought to myself, **bleep** the three agents were probably calling the broadband number.. I reckon that's what they were doing and this would explain why it would not get through to you cos it is a BB sim.


i know they three reps can be stubborn when it comes to helping customers over the phone and web chat but on here can sort it out for you by popping it through on their end. The only down fall is the reps won't be back til Monday.


if you have data on your phone you can pop through the sim replacement for yourself and it will be done Tomorrow. Would you be confident with filling out the online form or would you rather a three agent popped it through? I can help you with the link for the sim replacement page should you wish 



Re: Horrific Service Still waiting on Sim Replacement

Morning @Anonymous, sorry to hear about the experience that you've had. Have you got service back today?


If not, drop me a PM with your details and I'll take a look for you now.


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