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Go Roam - USA


I've been using Three Like Home in Europe for years and with a couple of specific exceptions I've been very happy with the experience. 


I was in the US and Mexico last week and after spending about €20 on a single google maps lookup I went and bought a T-Mobile tourist sim for $40 which gave me 12GB of 4G to use for the rest of the trip. When I got home I checked up on alternatives for the next trip and I saw that in the UK Three offers 'from your allowance' data usage in 71 countries which would have covered me in the US at least, whereas in Ireland it's just the EU that gets the like home treatment.


Are there any plans to roll out the same coverage inclusions to Irish customers? 

Re: Go Roam - USA

Doubt it will happen here, as three uk have more promotions as the UK market is more competitive than the Irish one.

Re: Go Roam - USA

3 Community Manager

@Ribeard thanks for your post and for the info. There are no plans that I'm aware of right now but I have forwarded your interest to the relevant team. Thanks @billbond4 

Re: Go Roam - USA

Thanks for the honest reply Rachel. I can go onto amazon or a number of other sites and just buy a prepaid three UK sim for this purpose and benefit, but knowing that Three are intentionally witholding this service from Irish customers would make me reconsider giving you money through the UK operation. I'll likely just continue to use local providers.

Again I'm very happy with the service in the EU, it's just a shame you're fencing us off from the full suite of features available.

Re: Go Roam - USA

3 Community Manager

@Ribeard No problem. 3UK is completely separate from 3Ireland. It's a separate company. In terms of roaming in the US and the Roam like home features that 3UK have its not a case of withholding anything from our customers, we just don't have that available to us right now. Not to say we wont in the future. 


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